Noa Hass M.Ed.

Noa Hass | M.Ed. Autism & Developmental Disabilities

'Here Comes the Sun' provides full intervention services to families and children ages 6 and up with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and developmental disabilities.

Children diagnosed with autism bring much light to our lives and to the world. Yet their journey and that of their families can be challenging in so many ways. Having worked with children diagnosed with autism and their families, I know that there is always hope for an improvement in their overall quality of life, and joy in their path.

The song 'Here Comes the Sun' is one of my favourite songs by the Beatles. The music is so optimistic and bright and makes you feel good. It encapsulates the magical path of the blossoming changes; at last the sun peeks over the tops of the hills, the snow melts, there are new leaves on the trees, and birds come out to sing, "...and I say it's all right".