Noa Hass M.Ed.

Parent training

Parent training provides parental support and knowledge to help family members with ASD children to promote skill acquisition or behavior change. Parent training include both parental support and parent-mediated interventions.

The goal of parental support is to connect families to services, assisting them to navigate the complicated array of medical, behavioral, alternative, educational and medical treatments.

Parent-mediated interventions are technique-focused where the parent is the agent of change and the child is the direct beneficiary of treatment. The training actively engage the parent from the outset in order for the parent to facilitate the child’s acquisition of specific skills or the reduction of the child’s maladaptive behaviors.

In my practice I provide parent training ranging from care coordination and knowledge about ASD to parent-mediated interventions for core symptoms and common behavioral problems.

Research: Parent Training in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Parent training for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a well-established, evidence-based intervention. (Bearss et al., 2015)
Stress study suggests parent training has benefits for caregivers as well as their kids (Autism Speaks, 2020)